Re-fuelling policy

Fuel is charged from the branch where the vehicle is delivered from and is for the renter’s own account. In general fuel may not be purchased with a credit card at petrol stations. (There are some exceptions where a few petrol stations will accept a credit card for payment of fuel). Each Bluu Car Rental vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel and the renter will pay for refueling when returned. Each vehicle is refuelled by Bluu Car Rental on termination of the vehicle at the standard government legislation fuel tariff regardless whether the fuel gage indicates that the vehicle is full, as vehicles that are refuelled at independent stations are not guaranteed to be filled to capacity. BCR charges a refuelling fee if the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of fuel. Fee of R40.00 will be charged (Not applicable if tank takes less than R50 fuel)

How Is The 24 Hour Period Calculated

Rates are calculated on a 24-hour period from the time of rental until the return of the vehicle.

Fees & charges

What Is A One Way Fee?

A one-way fee is charged when a renter collects the vehicle from one BCR location and returns the vehicle to a different BCR location. The one-way fee will be quoted at time of reservation/quote. The one-way fee covers the cost of relocating the vehicle back to the original location/depot.

Why Is There An Administration Fee For Traffic Fines Received?

There is a traffic fine administration fee of R295.00 in the event that the renter receives a traffic fine whilst renting the Bluu Car Rental vehicle. This fee will be levied to cover the cost of redirecting the fine to the renter.

Why do we charge a Minor Damage Waiver fee?

Minor damage that costs less than R2500 to repair will be covered when purchasing this waiver. If the cost of damage exceeds R2500, the minor damage waiver will not be applicable. Minor Damage Waiver does not cover damage caused by water; damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle or damage to tyres and windscreen – a separate waiver can be purchased to cover tyres and windscreen. The fee is R40.00 per day. (South Africa only)

Why do we charge E-Toll in Gauteng?

Bluu Car Rental is legally obliged to comply with SANRAL requirements. Bluu Car Rental will cap your e-toll charges in any month (or part thereof) to the Bluu Car Rental is legally obliged to comply with SANRAL requirements. Bluu Car Rental will cap your e-toll charges in any month (or part thereof) to the SANRAL maximum of R300.00 for Class A2 – light vehicles excluding the additional 20% administration fee. E-TOLL charges will be detailed on the rental invoice. Any applicable E-TOLL charge received after finalisation of the rental agreement will be invoiced as a ‘LATE CHARGE’. The late charge applies as a result of delays within the SANRAL network.

Why Is There An Assessor’s Fee When The Damage Is Over R5000

All damages sustained in excess of R5000 (VAT Incl.) are appraised by an independent assessor. The evaluation has a cost element, but provides assurance to the customer and/or their insurer that the damage costing is legitimate, not inflated and consistent with acceptable industry standards. The fee is R825.00 per incident.

Why Do We Charge A Claim Administration Fee?

As the liability amount on the waivers only contributes towards the repair costs of the vehicle, an administration fee above R825.00 per incident will be levied to cover the costs of processing the claim. This includes items such as quote gathering and legal services.

What Is The Additional Driver Fee For?

This is for risk and administration related costs for multiple drivers. The fee of R450.00 applies per driver per rental.

What Is Tourism Levy?

Members of the South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA) agreed to impose a 1% tourism levy, to be used to promote tourism in South Africa under the auspices of SATOUR and SATBC.

What Is An Airport Surcharge And Why Is It Charged?

This is an additional cost applicable to rentals at all airport locations. A surcharge was imposed by the Airports Company (ACSA) Ltd & private airport companies at airport locations and applies to all car rental companies. The current charge is 12% on the time and kilometre rate.

Why do we charge a Remote Location Surcharge?

A remote surcharge is levied due to higher logistic costs of operating at these locations.

What Is The Rental Contract Fee?

A rental contract fee of R105.00 is applicable to all rentals. There is a legal requirement to store documents for a period of 5 years. The fee is for the cost of administrating, storing and retrieving all rental contracts.


Why do we place an authorisation hold on the credit card?

We will place an authorisation hold on your American Express, Diner’s Club, Visa or MasterCard credit cards;

Bluu Car Rental does not have the facility to allow the use of Debit or “Electronic use only” cards as a method of payment.

The authorisation will be held in our favour for the duration of the rental (but not paid over to us). Should the rental be extended, or an incident take place, a further hold will be placed on your card to ensure all costs are covered by the authorisation held. Once the rental has been finalised, the actual rental amount will be charged to the credit card and the authorisation hold will be released.

Should you require assistance with the release of authorisation, kindly contact our Customer Care team at customercare@bcr.co.za with your rental reference number/ID or passport number and they will assist with this process.

Due to the high risk associated with rentals over a weekend, an additional authorisation is required to ensure there are sufficient funds in the event of an incident.

Method Of Payment

The driver must be in possession of a credit card. The credit card must be in the name of the driver of the vehicle.