Bluu Car Rental (Pty) Limited (Registration Number 2011/010516/07) is legally obliged to comply with the regulations of the South African road service SANRAL. This includes that all vehicles must be fitted with a e-tag for the electronic calculation of toll fees. 

 Please make sure that such e-tag is always fitted to your windscreen, typically behind the rear-view mirror. 

 As soon as you pass a toll plaza the e-tag will make a beeping sound, which means that it is working. If it makes no beeping sound or three beeping sounds, the device is broken and must be replaced. In such case, please contact the nearest Bluu Car Rental branch. 


1. The fees for registered e-tag users, as specified in the government gazette, apply.

2. Bluu Car Rental limits your fees to a maximum amount of R300.00 per month (or part of a month) for light vehicles (class A2), as determined by SANRAL, plus an administrative fee of 20%.

3. In the event where your rental period enters the next month, the fees will again accumulate to a total amount of R300.00 for vehicle class A2. We adhere to SANRAL’s calendar month (1-31).

4. If, for whatever reason, you change your rental vehicle, the toll fees will accumulate on the replacement vehicle. This way the cap may be affected.

5. Bluu Car Rental’s e-tag disc may not be removed or damaged. When a toll disc gets lost, removed, stolen or damaged you will be charged a fee of R1000.00, which is to be paid immediately; the disc in question will immediately be blacklisted by SANRAL.

6. Please note that the cap of R300.00 for vehicle class A2 excludes conventional toll stations (i.e. toll plazas on open roads outside the province of Gauteng). Please go to www.sanral.co.za for more information on the toll plazas that are not included.

7. For D2D (door to door) and vehicle rentals including a chauffeur within the province of Gauteng we charge a toll excess of R30.00 per transfer.

8. When quoting for bus rentals, incurring toll fees are invoiced based on the supplied itinerary.

9. During delivery and collection, Bluu Car Rental reserves the right to invoice for the toll fees between its nearest branch and the delivery or collection address. At the same time, the fees published in the government gazette are valid for registered e-tag users.

Every day, Bluu Car Rental receives a list of all transactions recorded on the previous day at the toll plazas by SANRAL. These lists are saved by us on our system.

The item “e-toll” on your account indicates the accumulated amount under the product category and the individual amounts along with the date and time for each plaza that you have passed during the rental period.

Bluu Car Rental charges a handling fee of 20% on your total toll fees which is appropriated for the administration of the infrastructure and administrative support for the toll collection and payments to SANRAL.

Toll fees received by us after the final invoice are invoiced as a late surcharge. Reimbursement takes place through the payment method that has been agreed upon in the rental contract.

Should there be delays in the SANRAL network, you will be invoiced by us for fees that have accrued during your car rental period as soon as we receive them. Therefore it could mean that you receive an invoice from us for late surcharges more than once. Such potential delays are beyond our control.

Our 7-day refund period commences from the return of the rental vehicle.