Door2Door Rental Terms and Conditions

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1. Interpretation
In this agreement, unless the context indicates otherwise, the following expressions shall bear the following meanings:
1.1. “BCR”, “us” and “we” means Bluu Car Rental (Pty) Limited;
1.2. “The official rates” means the official transfer rates in circulation at the time the transfer commences;
1.3. “The customer” means the person/legal entity contracting with BCR for the transfer;
1.4. “The passenger” means the persons being transferred in terms of this agreement;
1.5. “The transfer” means the transfer of the passenger in terms of this agreement.
2. Transfer Charges/Rates
2.1. The customer will pay the transfer charges in accordance with the official rates;
2.2. This document does not constitute a tax invoice;
2.3. Transfers are VAT exempt.
3. Terms Of Payment
You warrant that:
3.1. Payment is to be made before the transfer commences. All major credit cards, electronic funds transfer and BCR vouchers are accepted. Debit card and cheques are not accepted.
3.2. No cash transactions are allowed during or upon termination of the transfer;
3.3. If we have agreed to payment from you by credit card or charge card, your signature shall constitute authority for the issuer of the cards to immediately debit you with the total amount agreed upon, inclusive of all costs and charges of whatsoever nature, arising in terms of this agreement.
4. Additional Charges
4.1. Cancellation: BCR will charge 100% of the transfer charge for any cancellation within 3 hours of the pick-up time;
4.2. No Show: BCR will charge 100% of the transfer charge for a no show;
4.3. Delay fee: BCR will charge a delay levy if the passenger is later than 15 minutes from the pre-booked collection time. The delay levy does not apply for collection from airport locations where flights are delayed. BCR calculates the levy at a set fee per 15 minutes. It is the responsibility of the passenger to notify BCR of any delay;
4.4. After Hours: The rate quoted applies between 05h00 and 21h00. BCR charges an after hour fee between 21h01 and 04h59;
4.5. Sunday and Public Holiday: BCR charges Sunday and Public Holiday fees in addition to the standard charge;
4.6. Journey variation: If BCR and the passenger agree to any variation in the original booking, additional charges may apply;
4.7. Equipment such as baby seats and trailers are not included in the standard charge;
4.8. Toll fees, parking fees and/or entrance fees are not included in the standard charge;
4.9. Fuel: Chauffeur Drive standard charges include one tank of fuel. Additional fuel is for the customer’s account.
5. Indemnity
5.1. Save as is provided for in law and provided that there was no negligence on our part, BCR shall not be liable for any damage and/or injury and/ or death arising out of any defect in and/or mechanical failure of the vehicle, or any apparel therein including, but not limited to a baby seat, nor for any loss or damages to any property transported in or left in the vehicle, nor for any damages, injury, death, consequential loss, loss of profits, or any other damages which the renter or the driver or any person transported in the vehicle or any other person may suffer arising out of the agreement. You indemnify us in full in this regard.
6. Best Efforts Disclaimer
6.1. Although BCR shall use its best efforts, BCR is unable to guarantee the transfer at a particular time due to possible circumstances beyond our control.
7. General
7.1. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement any addition or change to this agreement will be null and void unless BCR agrees to it in writing;
7.2. The customer chooses his address for receiving notices in terms of this agreement as the customer’s address specified overleaf;
7.3. A certificate by any director, manager or accountant of BCR indicating any amount that the customer owes BCR will constitute proof on the face of it of the amount the customer owes;
7.4. This document contains the entire agreement between the parties;
7.5. The parties agree that each clause of the agreement is severable, the one from the other, and if any competent court finds any clause to be defective or unenforceable for any reason then the remaining clauses will be and continue to be of full force and effect;
7.6. This agreement binds the customer’s heirs, executors and assigns.
8. Consent To The Use Of Personal Information/ Trans-Border Flow Of Information (Popi)
8.1. You hereby consent to the authorised use of your personal information/ Special Personal Information by BCR for purposes of processing. You expressly consent to the use of your information for marketing purposes. Your consent in terms hereof is effective immediately and endures until the relationship between us is terminated by either party. Personal information/ Special Personal Information and Processing are as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 which meanings are incorporated herein and you hereby undertake as your obligation to update your personal and special information.
1. Airport arrivals: The chauffeur will wait for the passenger in the arrival hall specific to the flight. The chauffeur will be dressed in a black suit, white shirt and blue tie. The chauffeur will display a welcome board with the passenger name and/or company name displayed on the board;
2. Chauffeur drives/transfers can only be honoured if BCR has a contact cell phone number for the passenger. On airport arrivals, a valid flight number is essential;
3. Road conditions and resulting traffic challenges should be taken into consideration when deciding on the time of collection. – Specifically for airport drop offs;
4. The quotation is calculated using the information provided. Changes in pickup or drop-off location, car type, dates or times may change this quotation;
5. BCR reserves the right to substitute any vehicle (make/model) or chauffeur;
6. The chauffeur will travel by the most appropriate route on the day unless otherwise instructed by the passenger;
7. BCR has the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behavior poses a threat either to the chauffeur, the vehicle or any other passenger.